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Just Get Going ! (Martial Arts,Travel,Lifestyle)

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It’s not that simple you say, but it really is. It isn’t simple doing it but if you don’t start the actual process you’ll never get there! Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, but that is why its worthwhile. You have to start. As I say over and over to people I train, you have to take the first step. 

If you want to be a black belt, a fighting legend or just be a confident martial artist, research. See what is around you and see who you can work with and how much. Then go! If you cant afford it, really look. Change your spending habits, but also look. Lots of cheap clubs at schools, colleges etc. Not always the best, but a place to start. Soon we will have a video series available here. Just basics but cheap, and a place to start learning the basics so stay tuned.

Yearning to travel or have an adventourous lifestyle you write about? Start where you are. Seriously, look around your area and look for a story. Somebody wants to know about it. Blogs are easy to start. Heck post the story on facebook! It is a start at writing. No you wont get paid but it is a way to sharpen your skills and get your name out there. It is a place to start and that is how it works. Make where you are an adventure, and that will help get you to other places. That will get you noticed!

Whatever it is, start. Find out what, where and how. Then don’t just sit there and dream about it. Do what it takes to make it happen. Success is hard work. Enjoying it is easy. Go!
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