Life As A Trainer/Coach/ Martial Arts Instructor(the blessing)

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Just a little motivational thought today for those of us who live this hard but blessed life. Also for those thinking about getting in to it. It’s not about the money baby! I’ve been blessed to fight for a living early on but that isn’t always great financially either. I’ve done well with pr and do well training but it’s not going to make you a billionaire. It is going to bless you!

Through full contact karate pro fights, Muay Thai pro fights and later sport karate the love of it drives. The love of training, pushing and doing better. That love cascades over into teaching. Training pros is great. What is better is seeing people get better. To know your living is aboutĀ helping people change their lives and become better. Imparting knowledge while imparting bruises! That is the gift and blessing we get as trainers. Whether you were a competitor or just teach, we are brothers. We are blessed to do this and have it be our life. Sometimes pushing through the aches and pains of this life, we live a life many dream of. Sweating and working out for a living. Having people look up to you. NEVER FORGET that!!! Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the lifestyle. Now go train!