Nelson’s GreenBrier Distillery In Nashville(great tour/tasting)

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This little tour and tasting at Nelson’s GreenBrier was not even close to what I expected. That’s an awesome thing. The tour was full of history and whisky knowledge. Bits about the area and the people in the 19th century who made it originally.

The story of how grandchildren found out about the company and recipes after having basically vanished for 100 years is amazing( I’ll let you learn about it on the tour or website). Charlie and Andy Nelson tell the story far better than I ever could.

What I can say is the whisky is awesome. I liked it all, my wife liked the bourbon, hence the reason we bought the bourbon(expect a tasting review here soon). As you finish the tour of the historic building and great thoughts from the guide, you get a great tasting in a cool bar area. From white whisky to sour mash. Thoughts on each and the history of each. Our guide Joel did a perfect job of explaining while letting us come to our own conclusions. Truly one of the best historic tours I’ve been on(and I travel constantly!). Add to that the fact that the whisky is world class and you just can’t beat this as an outing. Right off downtown Nashville in an area you wouldn’t expect, it’s just a great way to relax and spend some time. Take a look at some pictures and catch the link after the jump.


If you are near Nashville TN or just want to take a great trip for history/whisky then go to Nelson’s GreenBrier Distillery  and tell them Combatsportslifestyle sent you( and Bob & Sandy Tompkins!!!). Follow them on twitter @TNWhiskeyCo and follow us @combatsportlife. Email us for pr details at

A Quick Review Of Benchmark Bourbon .

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In the interest of being hip, cool and timely I thought oh wait!!! Who am I kidding??? I’ll never be any of those things lol. In the interest of having fun .(and I trace family history to Kentucky a bit) I’m going to review this Bourbon. Full disclosure: I love bourbon and am familiar with a great many of them. Secondary full disclosure: I drink eat and travel and sort of write about it. I’m a fighter, my review writing will be suspect lol.



This is a bourbon I became familiar with about two years ago. In our local Binny’s I was looking around. Out of the corner f my eye I saw this was made at Buffalo Trace. Buff is my fave period. No question!!!  This bottle was $10. OK just had to give it a shot. Two years later I still always keep it around. To me it’s slightly sweeter than Buffalo but not too sweet. I’m not into sweet so thats a good thing. Classic earthy and aromatic but not with ugly floral or too much peat. If you’re a peat freak ( more Scotch) this isn’t you. I’m not huge on mixing bourbon if it’s good but my wife won’t drink it straight. Hence I have discovered it does do very well with diet COLA. A pool drink for us regularly.

For $10 give it a try. It’s become a staple of my bar at home. A truly pleasant surprise. If you’d like to work with us as a brand ambassador or social ads email me today. & follow @combatsportlife on Twitter.