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A Quick Review Of Benchmark Bourbon .

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In the interest of being hip, cool and timely I thought oh wait!!! Who am I kidding??? I’ll never be any of those things lol. In the interest of having fun .(and I trace family history to Kentucky a bit) I’m going to review this Bourbon. Full disclosure: I love bourbon and am familiar with a great many of them. Secondary full disclosure: I drink eat and travel and sort of write about it. I’m a fighter, my review writing will be suspect lol.



This is a bourbon I became familiar with about two years ago. In our local Binny’s I was looking around. Out of the corner f my eye I saw this was made at Buffalo Trace. Buff is my fave period. No question!!!  This bottle was $10. OK just had to give it a shot. Two years later I still always keep it around. To me it’s slightly sweeter than Buffalo but not too sweet. I’m not into sweet so thats a good thing. Classic earthy and aromatic but not with ugly floral or too much peat. If you’re a peat freak ( more Scotch) this isn’t you. I’m not huge on mixing bourbon if it’s good but my wife won’t drink it straight. Hence I have discovered it does do very well with diet COLA. A pool drink for us regularly.

For $10 give it a try. It’s become a staple of my bar at home. A truly pleasant surprise. If you’d like to work with us as a brand ambassador or social ads email me today. & follow @combatsportlife on Twitter.