Staying Agile and Fit to Slow the Aging Process

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I’ve done a lot of damage to this old body. Yes having been a professional fighter did some long term damage, but there are other things as well. Football and wrestling when I was in school. A couple of nasty car wrecks. Most importantly, I had encephalitis when I was teen. As I’ve aged the damage from that has caused issues and pain. Still, doctors and friends are always amazed at the things I can do with my body and how agile I stile am. It is not a secret why and it isn’t because I’m super human, I’m very average. I train hard every day! Tools We Use To Train And More

My daily routine of martial arts training and fitness routines has allowed me to stay active. Not only does it help me overcome my damage, it has helped slow the aging process. It allows me to push hard, run multiple projects everyday because of my energy level. I don’t want to slow down. If its working for me with all this damage, it can definitely help you slow the age wave .

The stretching and movement I have to do everyday is what makes it all work.  Pushing myself to still move quickly and kick to the head, pushes my body and mind to keep going. It’s not magic, its just work. Like I said, I’m average. Anybody can gain from this lifestyle, you just have to take the first step and start !

Pushing my cardio limit everyday to be able to still train my younger fighters in the ring helps my overall health. I come from a line of people who have heart trouble, high blood pressure and diabetes. At 47 years old, all my med workups in that respect are fantastic( my X-ray file is bad but broken bones from fighting don’t count lol). I can guarantee you that my training regimen is heavily responsible for that bit of good news for me. If it is helping me, it can help you.

While I love martial arts and think its for everyone, you can stay fit and Agile through many other routines. You just need to get started. Find something you are interested in and that will push you physically. Get going, stick with it and see the health and aging benefits for yourself. You can do this! You can live better! Get going!

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Three Reasons to Put Your Child in Martial Arts

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1452541189985As someone who has trained in martial arts for almost 40 years and was a professional kick boxer , I obviously love martial arts. As a parent I love what it did for my children, and for the kids I’ve taught over the years. There are so many reasons to do this, but here are three very important ones.

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#1 Discipline. Much is made of the discipline in martial arts, but it isn’t always explained well. Having to be respectful on the floor and to higher ranks is a struggle for some. Children who struggle with it at school and home will struggle with it in the dojo. One reason that we can get through to them and change that is they are seeing things done that they want to do. To learn. That desire will often help form a respect for the instructor and others on the floor. This small thing leads to big changes. Teaching discipline isn’t just yelling and forcefully imposing your will.
#2 Confidence. Confidence helps not just in the ring or in defending yourself, although I believe those are important. Confidence will help your child in school to believe and know they can accomplish something. In their later career and social life. Learning to do things with your body that you didn’t think you could, builds confidence. You use your mind as much as your body in the dojo. Problem solving, assisting and remembering long combinations of technique. Sharpening your mind builds confidence.
#3 Agility. Maybe your child Olympic gymnast Agility already. Most likely not. Training in martial arts helps them in this area. I believe that it is especially important for kids who really struggle in this area. It helps them overcome the feeling that often accompany that. I believe that is a fantastic achievement. Plus it is a health benefit. Remaining agile as you age benefits your overall well-being. You want that for your child.

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