A Quick Review Of Golden Harbor (authentic Chinese in the Midwest)

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Awesome, authentic and incredible. Golden harbor is just a simple looking place. Lots of little group tables and a few large round group family style tables. The cool part is the signage. IN an age where most Chinese food places are basically Americanized fast food, this place caters to our large Chinese and Asian community here. Truly caters .If  you are a real and truly adventurous foodie then it caters to you as well. A true food experience  There is an American menu but the adventure starts with the Chinese menu. Broad and delicious. All the signs in Chinese and menus prove what I mean. Come here to eat and experience what the food of this beautiful culture has to offer.

Before my wide ranging career in martial arts, it was just the standard fare for me. Eating with people from all over th world, in their homes or guided by them in restaurants taught me so much more. Watching what they ate(rarely on the menu) to asking questions. That brings me to this awesome place. From unusual seafood combinations to tons of tripe dishes it is the real deal. Thai dishes and a large number of plates from Taiwan(not the standard fare).

Ill keep my bad writer review short here and talk with pictures. I had the Chengdu chicken and my wife had the Generals tofu. We also had vegetable dumplings. I’ve  also had the baby squid here and a tripe dish that I can’t remember the name. All awesome. My dish had tons of peppers in it but strangely was not over powering in heat level. I love spice but like complexity. It had that on very level. My wife’s tofu dish was truly the best tofu prep I have ever had. Perfectly cooked. As a former pro fighter that has travelled everywhere, I have eaten lots of tofu. The BEST!    The dumplings aere moist and yet done. No clue what they were filled with but it was delicious. I’ll let the pictures tell the story and we will finish up after the jump.



Seriously, if you are anywhere near this part of America check this place out. Heck message me here and we will hang out! I like it that much. Ok now the standard business. If you want a link or ad on here we can do that. Want live tweets and pr from our large twitter following? We can do that. Think radio remote but cooler, cheaper and more effective.On location or just ads. Facebook, twitter and blog features. Email tompkinscontent@gmail.com and follow @combatsportlife on twitter. Hit me up at Bob Tompkins on FB.

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Open Your Eyes. Write About What You See(travel/enjoyment around you)

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Yes I am blessed to travel great places I’ve been all over and continue to. I love it and fortunately it has worked out to write a bit about it as well as get paid to promote places. That said, you find both enjoyment and article material right around you. Yes even travel articles. If you really want it and you really want to write about it, you will find it. Exotic luxury locations are awesome. So is where you live!!! Somebody wants to know about your lifestyle. Travel is about lifestyle. Local life is as well. Start there. Strangely the things people like the most when I write or promote are the goofy small town Midwest things I show. Think about it.

It is how you write about it and how you take pictures. Not trying to make it glossy. Make it cool for what it is. Pizza and High School football on Friday night are awesome. Write about it. Make them see it and feel it. For this purpose I’m going to post a load of pictures here. Only one is over an hour from m home(maybe two, I used to get hit in the head for a living)  They are as interesting as my Vegas, Florida and East coast pics(or anywhere else I’ve rolled, just recent). Enjoy where you are. Be entertained by what you do. Go!


 IMG_4154IMG_4318IMG_4157IMG_4303IMG_4132IMG_4134IMG_41192015-10-06 18.46.272015-10-06 18.39.14IMG_16872015-08-15 18.41.42 (1)IMG_2129-1IMG_3679 (1)IMG_3688 (1)
Don’t let your surroundings be boring. Make things happen. Find the excitement and snap a picture. It is all in how you view it. Start there and see where it takes you

A Quick Review Of Farren’s Pub (a hideaway destination)

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When I say hideaway I mean it in a very cool way. Off the street in an alley but right downtown. Think speakeasy but cool and clean lol. It truly is a destination location and one you should go to! You will see when I start posting pictures in a minute.

I know the Farren family personally as our daughters danced together on a comp tem and we travelled all over the country. They also keep horses at the stable my son owns. They are really cool and unusual people. It makes them great restaurant owners!  Actually I have been going here though long before I knew them from those activities. Pretty much since it opened and I found it on accident. An awesome accident.

Years ago I think it was storage for another set of restaurants nearby (ill have to ask Carolyn). It gives it that hideaway warehouse feel with a cool ambience. On to the food though! Year after year they win the  best burger award in all the local media. The burgers are awesome but there is so much more. Thinks bistro hip foodie while maintaining a cool bar food pub stance. You will find tech hipsters , finance people and older folks after a college football game. Heck, obviously you also find old retired fighters lol.

IMG_4384On this trip I go the Sante Fe chicken sandwich. Full disclosure, I often get that. A great chicken breast on fresh bread with an awesome pesto. A bit of peppers and cheese and it is perfect. It just has the right amount of pop with creaminess, flavorful without being heavy. Sandy had the  mushroom and cheese and it was perfectly done. Too rich for me but right up her alley! Add in a great beer from Triptych ( another of our great local craft brewers ) and the meal was just awesome. Always is. Check the pictures and we will talk after  jump.



If you want to get great magazine foodie level food at bar prices, check this place out. It is worth the trip. I might be a regular but you should try it at least once. If you are in central Illinois you should be a regular!

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Random Walk Pictorial Vegas Part 1

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Within the huge Venetian compound. It and the Palazzo which are the ight together have many cool little nooks and areas. Feels just like Italy

   So I’ve been thinking about travel posts and pieces a lot lately. As someone who travels extensively, something that doesn’t get covered enough is just random shots of an area. I like to get to know an area if I can. All over it. The cool and beautiful and the slightly grittier. In some places, a few feet is a stark difference in  how things look. So on and off here I’ll be posting some random pictorial pieces with some captions. As part of larger travel pieces from trips, I’ll add these. Heck it may just become my review process!  It lets you see what things are like and not just the glossy pics we all post. Doesn’t mean the pictures won’t be beautiful and cool, just a bit different. Enjoy, learn a bit about what an area looks like and share.  I have tons of Vegas so I’ll start there and it will take several articles. Coming soon as well, Galena Illinois for its history, food and wine.
      Read the captions to see where the pic is and a bit of what was going on. I’ll keep to doing big full travel articles but going along with our lifestyle theme here, I think this is a cool way to show a place. I wander randomly when I get somewhere, so the posts should wander.

Treasure Island, looking at Señor Frogs. Along the strip, this is where they used to have the cool pirate ship battle some years ago
Along the strip, headed toward Belaggio near City Center. Can see Paris and Ballys on the other side
In the Venetian. Lots of mobile walk ways on the outside. Very cool although the week d to often be shut down
At the edge of City Center, far end of strip from the Wynn where i was staying. The Harley Restaurant you can see across the street looked cool. Didnt go but looked cool and seemed like this area had some food and drink deals. Unlike the end i was staying on
Down on that same far end of the strip. Near Monte Carlo, MgM etc. Sime parts getting a but run down but it appears they are starting renovation to this section. Never stops in vegas
I seriously do not know what this area was called. Just past miracle Mile area, close to New York New York. Looked like it had been a happening place. Pretty dead now. I was literally the only person walking around there. Places were still open but i think it had probably become late night cheap drink and food place. Cool though
Still in the dead zone
More dead zone
Didnt get a chance but this 800 degrees pizzeria looked great
A taste of another pictorial to come. Freemont street on Halloween. Yes we were there. That will be a great pictorial, although im unsure how to caption most of them

More coming soon. I take way to many pictures on trips, and enjoy just discussing the random. Fremont Street on Halloween may have to be the next travel piece. So many goofy pictures from that.
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Three Reasons to Put Your Child in Martial Arts

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1452541189985As someone who has trained in martial arts for almost 40 years and was a professional kick boxer , I obviously love martial arts. As a parent I love what it did for my children, and for the kids I’ve taught over the years. There are so many reasons to do this, but here are three very important ones.

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#1 Discipline. Much is made of the discipline in martial arts, but it isn’t always explained well. Having to be respectful on the floor and to higher ranks is a struggle for some. Children who struggle with it at school and home will struggle with it in the dojo. One reason that we can get through to them and change that is they are seeing things done that they want to do. To learn. That desire will often help form a respect for the instructor and others on the floor. This small thing leads to big changes. Teaching discipline isn’t just yelling and forcefully imposing your will.
#2 Confidence. Confidence helps not just in the ring or in defending yourself, although I believe those are important. Confidence will help your child in school to believe and know they can accomplish something. In their later career and social life. Learning to do things with your body that you didn’t think you could, builds confidence. You use your mind as much as your body in the dojo. Problem solving, assisting and remembering long combinations of technique. Sharpening your mind builds confidence.
#3 Agility. Maybe your child Olympic gymnast Agility already. Most likely not. Training in martial arts helps them in this area. I believe that it is especially important for kids who really struggle in this area. It helps them overcome the feeling that often accompany that. I believe that is a fantastic achievement. Plus it is a health benefit. Remaining agile as you age benefits your overall well-being. You want that for your child.

Take some time and look into schools in your area. If your group would like seminars( from sport martial arts training to self defense) or group motivation, please contact us.
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