Relaxing Beach and Mountain pics From our Trips ( we could all use that today)

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Short and simple, we need a bit of this today. As people mourn and also hate each other some great scenery that is relaxing is something needed. 

  My Native American heritage has always made the mountains a relaxing and restoring place for me. It’s genetic!  The Smokies are a favorite (also genetic) but I love them all. As a fighter and traveller, the beach has been both a training facility and place of serenity. Without saying more, here is a bit of both. Hope it helps. Talk after the jump. 

I hope you enjoyed this hastily put together post. Thought we could all use a bit of relaxation and wanderlust today. If you would like to be a sponsor/ advertiser here or on our large engaged social media(both!) Contact us. From links to spokesperson campaigns that almost anyone can afford. Email & follow @combatsportlife on twitter. Bob Tompkins on FB and @combatsportslifestyle on IG