Old Town Pour House ( Great Food & Craft Beer Galore

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Between Travel for martials, writing and just enjoyment I get to eat tons of different places. From Elegant to dive bar I enjoy all the different places. I like the variety and enjoy seeing and tasting it all.

Pour House was great. My wife, son Zakk and I had all judged a martial arts tournament in Warrenville Illinois and happened on this place in Naperville afterwards. It was perfect to unwind after a long day at the tourney. My sons fiancé   Danielle was with us as well. Made for a great time.

The menu was wide ranging with a pub bent and lots of different shareables. I had the Nashville hot chicken wrap. Really good breaded chicken, cayenne plus lettuce(cucumber tomato red onion) in a flour tortilla. Great portion and just enough spice. My wife and son both had the fish and chips. They loved it and they have eaten fish chips all over lol. If they vouch for it it’s good. Dani had a chopped salad and loved it, but who eats salad in a bar??!! Just kidding.

Ill toss a few pics here and then discuss the rest after the jump.


Old Town Pour House has over 90 beers on tap. If you know me, you know that is instant excitement for me! Its is also an extremely varied list and excellent. I had a Brick Stone APA and Pinball from Two Brothers. Awesome on both counts. If you love trying different craft beers, you will love this place.

The interior is very well done and has plenty of space. Nice bar area and lots of TV’s without being over done. It also had one of the coolest patios I’ve seen in awhile ( we were tired and it was hot so we will try that next time).

Definitely check this place out f you are in the area. Contact us if you would like us to come to your place. From food to resorts and anything else. Follow us on twitter @combatsportlife

Old Town Pour House










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