Great Food, Great Drinks At Dublin ONeils (Cool Pub setting)

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Dublin ONeil’s in Downtown Champaign is a regular stop for Sandy and I. We love the downtown area and a good pub is just a go to place for us always. Yes we travel the world and hit five star restaurants but a pub is home!. This one just happens to also hit the culinary excellence mark. Unusual items with great prep and presentation.

The interior has that warm pub feel that makes you want to have a pint or a taste of whiskey. The fact that Dublin Oneil’s has also hit the mark with food is a bonus. From a true Irish breakfast to various puddings and a great burger. On the weekends there is a cool brunch menu that puts the place right up there on my list.

On this trip my wife Sandy had the corned beef and cabbage. Not like what you normally see. Traditional flavor but in an elegant presentation worthy of any foodie publication!! THE important part was that it was soooo tasty. I had a turkey sandwich. Let’s go a bit further about what it actually was. Turkey with brie and carmelized onion with strawberry jalepeno jam! Served on French toast and topped with a sunny side up egg. Yep, almost indescribable. A mimosa for her and a Big Thorn Farm Illinois pale ale for me. Finished with Irish coffee cake cheesecake! Let the pictures do the talking. Talk after

Stop by Dublin Oneils today. Just great food and drink in a place that will make it a great experience



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