The Time Is Now! Make The Change

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I’ll start tomorrow. Things are bad and I need to make changes. I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll start my novel tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow is the day I take charge of my marketing business and work harder. Tomorrow is when I start to get in shape and feel better. Tomorrow is the day I learn a new muay thai combo and really begin to push myself. Maybe I actually start training to compete, learn to defend myself or lose some weight.

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Nope!!! Right now. Make the change. You can do this. Right now. If you wait you will likely always wait. I can’t tell you the number of wanna be fighters that like to hang out in our room and talk about how they hung out with fighters. They talk about what’s going to happen when they turn pro. The problem is that they never train. They talk. They dream, but they don’t put in the work.

Same thing with pr and travel writing. I’ll do this when. I’ll contact potential clients when. I’ll write a great travel story about Dubai when I win the lottery. Start now. You can dig through old posts here and find where I talk about writing what you see. Travel is where you are! Do it now. The reward will come. If you work people will want to work with you! Go to work! Quit post dating your own checks for success and get started.

Message me to get started with our pr program. We get you noticed in our various social media. Influence in a positive way. Need motivation for your team, seminars or help with a fight camp? Even better. My home!! lol. Get in touch now and let’s go to work. Also follow @combatsportlife on twitter for you daily fun and motivation. See where the action happens.

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