Delectable Sauce That Is Incredibly Easy (blue cheese and serrano pepper)

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My wife loves sauces. Over the years I have worked to build my skill set in that department. As a long retired fighter who plays pretend chef, I go through all kinds of sauce recipes and the science behind them. A plus from that activity is that I slowly have learned how to make sauces from many things quickly and easily. Whatever is around! Once you understand the basic principles and science of how they go together it isn’t hard. The best part??!! The easy throw together ones get rave reviews lol. Give it a shot. Nothing to lose. Take a look at this idea. Goes great on shredded chicken and sandwiches.

As always, adjust per taste and size of your hungry crown. I measure by handfuls and how deep the pot/pan is. I’m a fighter/trainer who likes food, not a  writer for a gourmet magazine lol.

Take three heaping spoons of sour cream. Two handfuls of blue cheese crumbles. A handful of shredded cheddar. One chopped serrano pepper. Cover< just below the top of the pile with milk in your sauce pan. Bring the heat fairly high quickly. Stir constantly as it liquefies. A fairly smooth mix. As it starts to bubble, shut the heat off. Let it thicken a minute and serve. It’s that simple. Give it a shot. Take a look at the result.



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