Month: October 2016

Life As A Trainer/Coach/ Martial Arts Instructor(the blessing)

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Just a little motivational thought today for those of us who live this hard but blessed life. Also for those thinking about getting in to it. It’s not about the money baby! I’ve been blessed to fight for a living early on but that isn’t always great financially either. I’ve done well with pr and do well training but it’s not going to make you a billionaire. It is going to bless you!

Through full contact karate pro fights, Muay Thai pro fights and later sport karate the love of it drives. The love of training, pushing and doing better. That love cascades over into teaching. Training pros is great. What is better is seeing people get better. To know your living is about helping people change their lives and become better. Imparting knowledge while imparting bruises! That is the gift and blessing we get as trainers. Whether you were a competitor or just teach, we are brothers. We are blessed to do this and have it be our life. Sometimes pushing through the aches and pains of this life, we live a life many dream of. Sweating and working out for a living. Having people look up to you. NEVER FORGET that!!! Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the lifestyle. Now go train!

Fun,Relaxation And Pizza At Jupiters Downtown

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This place has been around for awhile. It was one of the early restaurants/bars to start when downtown Champaign began to makes it’s come back. They also have a much larger one at the edge of downtown with a huge arcade and multiple levels. It is very cool but for Sandy and I these days (kids all grown up!) the downtown location is more our speed. It’s a great weeknight stop for us.

They have a large menu but known for thin crust pizza. Tuesdays are half price pizza night! A great deal to have a couple drinks and an inexpensive and excellent pizza. When we stopped recently we had both endured crazy days so I didn’t get as many pictures for the usual post but the point is give it a shot. Lot’s of pool tables, video poker/slots and a cool old building. It’s quiet and lively at the same time but that feel that only comes from being in a place in a very old building.

Before the pictures let me just say the Pesto Margherita was an excellent choice. My wife is more of a thin crust person than me but I loved it. Mozzarella, provolone with romas and basil! A couple of Half Acre IPA’s and the night was perfect. No matter how many luxe places we travel to in our crazy life, this kind of thing is still my favorite.

If yo are in the area check this place out. Just enjoy a nice relaxing evening. Can’t beat it. A few minutes from the University of Illinois campus and in the heart of the tech / gaming offices in the downtown. It’s worth a trip.

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The Time Is Now! Make The Change

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I’ll start tomorrow. Things are bad and I need to make changes. I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll start my novel tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow is the day I take charge of my marketing business and work harder. Tomorrow is when I start to get in shape and feel better. Tomorrow is the day I learn a new muay thai combo and really begin to push myself. Maybe I actually start training to compete, learn to defend myself or lose some weight.

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Nope!!! Right now. Make the change. You can do this. Right now. If you wait you will likely always wait. I can’t tell you the number of wanna be fighters that like to hang out in our room and talk about how they hung out with fighters. They talk about what’s going to happen when they turn pro. The problem is that they never train. They talk. They dream, but they don’t put in the work.

Same thing with pr and travel writing. I’ll do this when. I’ll contact potential clients when. I’ll write a great travel story about Dubai when I win the lottery. Start now. You can dig through old posts here and find where I talk about writing what you see. Travel is where you are! Do it now. The reward will come. If you work people will want to work with you! Go to work! Quit post dating your own checks for success and get started.

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The Beach(no other title is needed!)

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Just for fun I’m going to post pictures of beach shots I’ve taken on various trips. I relax on the beach. Write on the beach. Train Muay Thai and other martial arts on the beach and relax with my fighters there. It’s a place my wife and I Just finally calm down and be(maybe with a cocktail). It’s a place my mind goes if I need to escape for a minute (somebody just elbowed my head in the ring lol). Use these pictures to get there. I won’t muck them all up with more words you don’t really care about. Nature says it all

Riverbend Forest Preserve (a great hike & place to canoe,kayak)

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This place is my little relaxation playground when I’m home. When I am not traveling for writing work or fight camps this is my little getaway. In between teaching private training sessions(muay thai,conditioning,sport karate) I head out here with my dog Renegade and hike. It’s very close to town but the trails seem remote at times. Quiet, beautiful and doesn’t look at all like you are in the corn/bean fields where we live. On the weekend you will find me here in my canoe.

This is an old gravel pit with a large area of forest and prairie flowers. The company that operates a large gravel operation here donated this section and it became a park. The water is beautiful. Great fishing. Cool picnic areas. Better yet are they trails where we mostly see nobody. Deer, coyote and fox. Birds of all kinds. You can wander back to the Sangamon river or walk along the bluffs above the lake.

In summer heat it is also a place where I do hill runs and mud runs for training. One warning: In warm months you will run across copperheads and cottonmouths . Most are smaller and not at all aggressive but just so you know.

It’s worth a trip if you are nearby or looking for somewhere different . I’ll let the pictures speak from here out. Enjoy.

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Enjoy Downtown Champaign Including Food At Guido’s and The Esquire( Pictorial)

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When are not traveling, we love to relax in Downtown Champaign. Great bars and restaurants and a cool place just to wander around. As i’ve said before, traveling to all the places we do actually helps us look for more treasures in our own area.

Great burgers, pizza and drinks from two great places. Guidos has a great menu and bar. Lots of screens, cool look and great outdoor seating. It also has a gorgeous downtown view especially when it is snowing. I’ll do a piece on that this winter. The esquire is a classic old school bar with a broad age range and fantastic food. They also have great outdoor seating. You can’t go wrong with either one.

Check out the pictures that also include the awesome Ten Thousand Villages store and just street shots. Talk after the jump.

Get yourself down in this area if you live nearby or if you are just visiting. Take advantage of the cool things, culture and food we have here. It’s a great place to just enjoy yourself!

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Check out the very cool for more info on the area.

Hiking In Sangamon Park(where I grew up and native landmark)

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Growing up we called this place New park. It was a place hardly anyone went. As a teen it was a place we could get away as well as have an illegal adult beverage or two(not condoning lol). It is in a very rural area of Piatt county where it meets Champaign county. Over the years people have built a number of houses nearby. There are whole developments. Still when you step back into this park, it all goes away. It is this area as it used to be. Prairie, river and trees. For me it holds a special place. As a young man I always felt a strange kindred spirit feeling when we went out there to hike and possibly consume beer. I always felt like someone was watching me, but in a good way.   In later years I found out there was a huge battle here between two native nations. Nobody knows who exactly but the thousands of arrowheads and bloody bones that came up as it was developed let everybody understand what it was. Around here we don’t always get attention from or care about the celebrity archaeologists lol. To this day a section of the river is known to locals as Bloody Bend. Now you know why.

These days living in Champaign county but not far away, it is a place my dog Renegade and I go to get away and just wander. When I am not on the road for fights or travel writing/pr it is one of our places several times a week.

If you are interested in just hiking, native folklore or just need to get away from people give this place a look. I use it for dog walks as well as a place to train(climb hills and force myself to work in bad weather) when I’m building my fight skills. Take a look at some pictures from Renegade’s most recent trip out there.

Give this place a look. Contact me with any questions about the area or how to get there. The county web for it is not very helpful. If you live in the area or are visiting the University Of Illinois it is a great place to get away. Probably 30 minutes from the campus.

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