Chicken Drumsticks On The Smoker (awesome & easy)

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This is going to be a pretty short cooking piece for me. Why? Because you mostly throw them on and let the smoke do the rest. My wife and daughter as well as myself love getting wings and drumsticks in bars. Football, wings and beer. It’s a simple tradition.

I use my smoker often but I had never used it to do drumsticks. It hadn’t crossed my mind actually. Seemed small and like they wouldn’t turn out. I saw a piece about it on  a bar website and thought I would give it a shot. The result was awesome.

Normally when I smoke meat a build a larger fire slowly until it reaches appropriate heat and then add occasionally but let the heat draw down. Ill keep the heat up for quite awhile though and let it draw down to smoke. Given the size of these little things that wouldn’t work. Soooo, a little pile of charcoal and my first pieces of wood (hickory, apple and a bit of grapevine from my property). As soon as the fire was cranked I dropped the  drumsticks on. It kept them at a high heat for about 8 minutes. As the fire rapidly slowed I never added heat. just bits of wood to smolder for the smoke. Vey little heat after the start. Just smoke for hours and hours. About six hours of slow low smoke. Perfection. They had a great taste that was smoky and just the right texture. Served it with homemade hot sauces and  spicy butternut squash cakes( another article on that part next week)


Give it a try. Drumsticks are inexpensive and you can just hang and do other things while they cook. Lots of other things. So easy and so good. A great football treat on game day. Again, they are inexpensive. Got these from Mahomet IGA for a little bit of nothing. Great hometown store that does not look like it’s in a small town!

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