Enjoying Fat City Bar And Grill (indoor tailgate before the game)

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I’ve been going to this place for a long time. In fact since it was a dive music bar called the Alley Cat. It was a bit famous back then for some of the unusual acts that played there. Then it go a heavy remodel and became fat city. Kind of a sports bar with live music and gaming. They have also recently added another building called City Center which has national touring acts both country and rock as well as local heroes.

It is a great place to grab a burger and a beer. Lots of seating and a great menu at a great price. A very good bar selection as well especially for a sports type place. it’s just a cool place to hang out and relax or on some nights if you lie to get rowdy lol. Not really a rowdy guy anymore other than in the ring but it is a fun place for all ages.

On a recent Saturday my wife and I decided to skip the usual tailgate parties and here before the game. A few beers and a great meal was perfect before heading to Memorial Stadium for the game. Actually it was the best part as the Illini played terrible that day(love em but it’s fact lol). It was nice to sit there and relax while checking all the screens for other games going on around the country. Perfect.

She had the buffalo chicken salad which was huge and quite good. Spicy but not overly which is how she likes it. Plenty of food. Plenty of flavor. I had a double burger with cheese and bacon(yeah I’m a healthy cook but I have my weaknesses!). Add fries and it was awesome. Lots of food done right for less than $8. Hard to beat.

As for beer I had both a Green line (goose) and A nice Lagunitas IPA and she had a the Leinies Grapefruit Shandy. She liked it and she rarely drinks beer! So many choices and a great list. Check out some pictures and we will talk after the jump


Give Fat City A shot if you are in the area (Champaign/Urbana) Check out the concert schedule on their website and make a trip of it. Maybe you’ll see us there.

Contact us if you would like us to come review/live tweet from your place. Also ads/links and full marketing plans available. Build with us and have fun while your social media presence grows. An inexpensive way to get out there. Email tompkinscontent@gmail.com with questions and follow @combatsportlife on twitter.

Check Fat City Bar and Grill out!



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