Great & Easy Sautéed Chicken With Roma & San Marzano Tomatoes 

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This is an incredibly easy dish to make and can be served several ways. Stand alone, on tortillas or flat bread. Fresh tomatoes and herbs make it pop. It doesn’t take long and the finished product makes you look like a pro. Plus it’s relatively light, which is something as a trainer and former fighter is a huge plus. 

   I try to use produce from my garden in the summer almost every time i cook. It tastes better. It’s healthier and it makes cooking fun! For this dish I used roma and san marzano tomatoes,cilantro and basil plus a small serrano pepper. It gives a little heat but not much. I love heat, wife not as much. You can toss more on, or as in my case i just put more on my portion.
I take two bonless breasts and cut them into small chunks. Slice up 3 romas and 3 san marzanos unto small pieces, they will break down in cooking. A handful of chopped cilantro and basil pkus the very thinly sliced serrano and you are ready!
A liitle olive oil in a chefs pan(any non stick skillet works) and toss the chicken in on very high heat. A minute or two alone. The toss the tomatoes( juice and all) plus the serrano in. Stir frequently until the mixture breaks down like a stew( sort of) and the chicken is fully cooked. Toss in your herbsand stir. Cut the heat to simmer and cover for a few minutes. Boom!!! I top mine with a bit of bleu cheese but it’s awesome without. Take a look and we will talk after the jump.

  Twenty minutes or so and you look like a culinary pro. Give it a try and put your own twist on it. To advertise with us email Follow the fun on @combatsportlife on twitter.


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