Start By Looking In The Mirror To Achieve More

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I hear so often from friends or social media followers how much they dread each week. Ive been there. If you are then it’s time to stop being there. Whether its the fighting/training or the business world (same thing). Let’s talk about it and then a few tips.

.If this is where you’re at, first check yourself !Are you doing everything you need to? Are you pushing with all your might? Are you letting the personalty of yiur trainer/coach/boss get to you? They might be terrible and you might need to leave. First though you need to look in the mirror. Extra reps. Trying the angles of attack they are telling you to try? Working the combination they said? Or just assuming they are wrong!!!???? Same for the business world. Are you putting in the work? Are you doing everything you can with the resources you have? Look in the mirror first and start there!

As a fighter or a martial artist who is trying to get better, it is often the little things. I said look in the mirror, it works here. With both my students and pro fighters i work with I have them work the mirror. Perfect your stances and positioning by looking in the mirror. Each day, only takes a bit of time. If you add just a few minutes extra of this a day, you will see a difference. Its a step you can easily take on your own at home. Start there. Trust me. For over 36 years its something as a martial artist ive kept doing.

The same idea goes if youre struggling in business/work. You have to know that your doing all you can, outworking everyone before you can blame everyone. Sometimes that starts with being confident and happy with yourself. A college marketing Prof i had taught us to look in the mirror before a sales call or heading to work. You say to yourself “I like myself,I like myself, I like myself”. It sounded corny, cheesy and terrible. Still i tried. Yep, it helps. Still do it if im struggling. Again, start there. You’ve got to do what you can, everything YOU can to start the change.
Give these things a try today. If you need personal coaching/motivation for yourself or your employees contact us. From video and email to in person. Also if you would like ads/links and mentions within our social network and here, we can help you. Very affordable. Very interactive. Email and follow @combatsportlife on Twitter. Send me an FB friend Request as well. Bob Tompkins.


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