Road Trip To A Horse Show (pictures from rural America)

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h Our son Zakk owns a horse stable. His fiance Dani and our daughter Kaleigh are involved as well and we pitch in when they are gone. Zakk and Dani compete in pro rodeo but also take kids they train to horse shows. Western style riding with barrels also. We go as often as we can to support them. 

   Recently we went up past Peoria to watch. Its a cool facility called Heart of Illinois right on the Illinois river. Lots of little old bars and ancient small motels ( think old Route 66). Ill actually do a piece on that part of the area soon. Its a dying part if American road life and is very cool. The commercial and recreational river traffic is so interesting to watch.

Wandering back home we stopped at a little reastaurant called Jacks in tiny Leroy Il. Great diner food and i could even get a Sam Adams. Not common in the small rural family diners. These places are staples of rural midwest and that’s a good thing. A very good thing. Ill let the pictures tell the story( im a horrible writer!) Talk after the jump.

The last picture is at the gas station in Mansfield ( yes just one). The station owner, a local in his cool golf cart( no golf course,just transportation) and the line town cop Jimmy just hanging out. Ahhh the rurak Midwest!
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