Vegas Random Unusual Shots ( things I shoot as background)

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Sometimes as I dig through pictures  for work, I notice how many  random background shots I’ve taken. On second viewing, some of them are pretty cool. They give you feel for just being there. As you know, I’ve done several posts on just random walks. I feel it gives you a better idea what a place is like and about. You learn and some of my best adventures come that way. 

This piece is almost more in the way of outtakes but they still give you that same idea. As travel/lifestyle/ martial arts blogger I’m all about trying to get you to experience things and places. See and feel it here and then hopefully go there yourself. At least get motivated to go somewhere new or view old things in a new way. Take a look at these from Vegas and we will talk a bit after the jump.  

My family laughs at how many random pictures for work. My wife doesnt now as she has see the success from my goofiness here and in our other social media. Lots of random pictures. I hope you get inspired to wander around and see new things by these posts. 

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