Elegant , Simple and Fresh ! Grilled Sirloin With Cilantro Butter Drizzle & Spinach/Basil Salad ( from the garden)

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As I’ve said so many times,i love using fresh things from our garden when I’m cooking. As a fighter it was a way to keep a training diet fresh and health.As a torn up old trainer/writer/ wannabe foodie it’s fun and let’s me live out my chef fantasy. You know those famous chefs at a rural inn with a gorgeous garden and they show you all these incredible things they cook from it. OK, I know I’m goofy but indulge me here, I used to get hit in the head for a living !

   Both my wife and I prefer a simple Sirloin to about any steak. Charcoal grilled medium rare is right in our wheelhouse. Perfection. Simple and gorgeous. For this one I add a twist because of her love of cilantro.  The woman needs an intervention over this!  Then again I grow mass amounts of it so it could be my fault.  Dang, I’m cilantro kingpin, how did this happen??!!

The whole dish is quite simple. I put a little garlic and pepper on a piece of top sirloin,about 1.25# for the two of us. Grill medium rare, or to your taste(why change perfection). Toss a handful of cilantro( also fresh from the garden ) into a bowl with a couple of spoons of butter/ margerine. Nuke it to liquid. Drizze a bit over the steak. Then toss up fresh spinach and a bit of fresh basil into a small side salad. Dress it as you like, naked is great as well.

This is a great, fresh dish that you can have a glass of wine/beer on the patio while you make it. We enjoy relaxing and talking about our respective days while we do that. The dish is simple yet has a classic elegant look. The best part, it tastes like perfection!
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