Month: July 2016

A Trip To Historic Farm Days ( one of the biggest antique tractor shows in the world!)

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The title doesn’t cover it! Tractors. Implements of all kinds. Music. Demonstrations. It’s huge!  Amazing food everywhere in the middle of nowhere. It is one of the coolest things you can see. Farming drives much of America and the world. A fact that I’m proud of as a kid who grew up tossing hay bales and walking beans. I live in the heart of it. I may have been all over to fight, teach and travel but I’ve always called this home. 

  The show is run by and held on the grounds of the I&I tractor club in Penfield IL. Penfield is tiny, the grounds are huge. The old school is now a museum for the club and the grounds make a state fair location blush. Besides people bring stuff the club itself has amazing equipment it has restored. This includes a Hart Part steam tractor that they place on loan to The Smithsonian most of the year. Yep, that big of a deal. Full disclosure, we have been involved in this for for about 13 years. My dad and son decided to start restoring small hobby farm tractors and got involved. This got me involved lol. Even though my son his own home, there is still a project here in my shop!!! ( a Roof 60 if you’re interested in that type of thing). 

We love going. It’s not a far trip for us but it’s an annual family adventure. Food and farms!  Geographically the area might ring a bell. It’s about 7 or 8 miles from Gifford IL which became famous on CNN a few years back. Devastating tornado, which sadly is a bit normal where we live.  

    I’m going to let pictures ( a bunch of them) do the talking for a bit. Talk after the jump. 

As many pictures as i posted it doesnt even cover a quarter of it. Bbq, fried things and true americana. There really isnt anything like it to show you what rural ag life means. Parades, music and real farmers who know how to work on their own equipment.
This is in the heart of Illinois. If you take my advice and make this an adventure next July there are things close by. Two hours from chicago and indianapolis both. Besides that it is 35 minutes from Champaign/ Urbana ( uiuc campus) so plenty of places to stay! Give it some thought. If you have questions on the pictures, comment here and ill answer as best i can. Follow @combatsportlife on twitter and email for ad/ sponsor info.
Check out the clubs website

Sunsets and Dusk From Various Trips ( a short pictorial to inspire)

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The sun is great .Awesome on the beach and in the mountains. I love sunset and Dusk even more in those locations though. There is a relaxing and restoring energy for me at that time. It could be my American Indian heritage, the beauty of I’m just weird. Who knows. I thought I’d post a few here to help inspire you to search out what gets you relaxed and restored. Enjoy travel for what you see and experience wherever you are!  The pictures includeVegas/Destin/Virginia Beach/Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge and the wild prairie of central Illinois. Enjoy. Talk after the jump.

Find what inspires you. Better yet, find inspiration and beauty around you. Explore life wherever you are.
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Relaxing Beach and Mountain pics From our Trips ( we could all use that today)

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Short and simple, we need a bit of this today. As people mourn and also hate each other some great scenery that is relaxing is something needed. 

  My Native American heritage has always made the mountains a relaxing and restoring place for me. It’s genetic!  The Smokies are a favorite (also genetic) but I love them all. As a fighter and traveller, the beach has been both a training facility and place of serenity. Without saying more, here is a bit of both. Hope it helps. Talk after the jump. 

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Vegas Random Unusual Shots ( things I shoot as background)

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Sometimes as I dig through pictures  for work, I notice how many  random background shots I’ve taken. On second viewing, some of them are pretty cool. They give you feel for just being there. As you know, I’ve done several posts on just random walks. I feel it gives you a better idea what a place is like and about. You learn and some of my best adventures come that way. 

This piece is almost more in the way of outtakes but they still give you that same idea. As travel/lifestyle/ martial arts blogger I’m all about trying to get you to experience things and places. See and feel it here and then hopefully go there yourself. At least get motivated to go somewhere new or view old things in a new way. Take a look at these from Vegas and we will talk a bit after the jump.  

My family laughs at how many random pictures for work. My wife doesnt now as she has see the success from my goofiness here and in our other social media. Lots of random pictures. I hope you get inspired to wander around and see new things by these posts. 

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