A Quick Pictorial And Thoughts From Virginia Beach 

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First,lll be doing more on this area and more in depth. I just wanted to get this out and show a bit of the area. I  love this whole part of the country. From its beauty and fantastic seafood to its kitschy beach shops. The history hear is amazing and you could spend so much time going from place to place. From military sites and American history to gorgeous beaches and incredible food.  It just doesn’t stop. There are hotels at every price level although slightly higher overall than many vacation destination. East coast is  always going to add. Not bad though. The food is excellent and you can find many bar type places with great seafood for good prices. You can also have incredible dining experiences here. If you’re a history buff,there is no place like this part of the country. Period!!! Check out some random shots of the main Atlantic Ave are and our preference ( the Chesapeake bay area along shore av). 


Bungee jumping ,para sailing plus scenery and great food  so much more ! The list of great activities is endless.The list of great places is endless as well. Take a look and you’ll see.

If you have a hotel and woulf like us to feature you contact me. tompkinscontent@gmail.com & follow @combatsportlife on twitter.

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