Don’t Stop Now ! Whether It’s Polishing Skills Or Struggling At The Beginning

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   The  best never stop learning and trying to get better. Fighters keep honing there skills and conditioning. Trainers work at new edges and ways to get through and make people better. Marketers always work on growing their base and new creative ways. They don’t stop. As I fall into all those categories ( retired from the ring) I never stop. I push to grind my technique ( in each of those things) every day. If you struggle with that, you can change it. In many it’s a learned trait. If you don’t learn it though, well lol that changes things.


    Maybe you’re struggling at the beginning and just wanting to quit. Don’t!  Give it just a little longer. Commit to working just a little harder at training and adding a couple a minutes a day. Often when you do that, you’ll find the reason why you started training in the first place. That’s when your love of training grows. Good things happen. 
       It’s true in marketing and social media as well. You are in because you like it. If you aren’t, get out now. If it’s just for money you won’t make it. Commit to learning a bit more each day so your creative abilities become sharper.  Take time every day to browse your range and polish the marketing skills you have. A little extra time putting out solid social media content will build things for you.
     I’m going to post a couple of short videos here of a couple of my comp fighters. Been with me since they were young. Became instructors/ black belts. They tore the sport circuit up in their youth for Transcend and now want to work on kickboxing. It’s a transition and sometimes you look awkward as your body is moving differently. Plus, they have hardly been around for awhile. Both busy and gone for school and one was a collegiate wrestler. Still, after their wins here they are polishing and learning new things. The videos are of me working random pop targeting on focus mitts. Enjoy and well finish up after the jump.

No matter what stage your at, learn something new and keep polishing. It keeps things fresh, it keeps you getting better at what you do. Fighting,teaching or creating marketing campaigns. If you’re struggling, commit to doing a little more for a little longer. Good things will happen.


   Let’s do business!  If you need personal coaching or individual training to line things out, I’ve got your back. Seminars at your gym or dojo, same thing.  I try to keep things very affordable including a push contact program for people who just need a little daily chat to get them rolling. Email us today. We can work something out. Also if you’d like your business to sponsor a post or get its link here, we can do that affordable. Also as our Twitter followers know we can do full spokesperson/social campaigns for you. & @combatsportlife on Twitter


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