Training Gives You A Positive Mental And Physical State (find something you want to try today!)

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        Life can be tough. It often is. Job, financial and relationship stress can be a killer. When that happens and you don’t have a release and a fighting/coping system that you use,things are going to go south fast. Add in health problems that crop up and the stress will make health worse!  It will make it all worse!! What do you do? Is there something that helps? Yep, at least for me and you have nothing to lose trying it. Before we go on, mine is martial arts but training at any activity helps. While I hope yours becomes martial arts ( join Team Transcend Today!!! Lol) anything you get a physical/ mental benefit from training at is good.


When you work at building skill, you also build outlets for stress. You build mental and physical strength through doing so. Besides the obvious health benefits of being in better shape, the overall health benefit is well being. Mind and body. You handle things better because you’ve put yourself through things. You handle things better because your trainer has put you through things. That gives you an advantage. It gives you a strength others do not possess!!!!!  What more can I say. It makes a huge difference in your life!  Get on it now. Change your level of success. Change your health. Change your enjoyment of life.






If you want to make the change today, find something you want to train at. An activity you’ve always wanted to do. Don’t wait. Start now. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here ( story in earlier posts). Get going. If you need personal coaching/ motivation I have a great inexpensive program for that. I also now have a Team Transcend video version to help you. It’s a daily personal training and coaching system. In no way is it like being in my dojo or other good ones but it gets you started. Toward confidence. Toward health. Also inexpensive. Email to find out and follow @combatsportlife on Twitter.

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