Grilled Chicken in Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce! As A Wrap! Easy&Awesome

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I love to grill. I LOVE to grill. Outside I only use charcoal. It’s just what I like. I now have the time to do it and enjoy it. Coming from a Native American family spread across the south and West, charcoal and wood grilling is in our blood!!!  I’ll do a piece about that one of these days check probably multiple posts!  For now, this one uses my indoor panini grill for ease and speed!
    I’m going to keep this piece fast and simple as the dish is fast and simple. An ingredient list. Some pics and a video. This kind of dish helped me stay on a training diet when I was fighting and now it just helps keep me on track health wise. Plus it’s just incredibly delicious. As a pro kickboxer that’s a plus. Healthy and tastes great. They don’t always happen together.


Whether frozen or fresh, let the chicken soak in the Chilli Sauce and a bit of garlic for a few hours. A bit of cumin is good as well and some cinnamon. 
     Chop up some mushrooms and onion and saute that while the chicken grills on the panini grill. You really want to keep the olive oil low so the wraps aren’t super oily. Nice and light. Use a thermometer to make sure the chicken hits the correct temperature if you aren’t used to cooking this way. It works great and gives you a quickly done yet still moist piece of poultry.
      A little ranch,sriracha and blue cheese mixed up in a bowl as a side dip and your ready !












Quick, healthy and freshly delicious. As summer moves in here I’ll be doing lots of dishes with fresh herbs and vegetables from my garden. As a fighter it was a huge help. As a trainer teaching fighters about fresh eating it’s a huge help. As a pretend chef with a bit of foodie to him, it’s just fun!
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2 thoughts on “Grilled Chicken in Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce! As A Wrap! Easy&Awesome

    mylifeasishan said:
    June 8, 2016 at 10:11 pm

    Great post

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      Bob Tompkins responded:
      June 8, 2016 at 10:36 pm

      Thanks my friend. Trying to get better each time. Lots office as carrier but it was all during my Wall Street era. Working on just having fun !


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