Easy Mediterranean Dish w/ Quinoa And Chicken ( and malbec)

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  Between fighting/training all over and now doing travel/product PR I’ve learned to love dishes from all over the world. I’ve also found that it helps me eat a bit healthier when I try different cultural cuisines ( scroll the archives here and you’ll find an article on the subject). This dish is an absolute mix of many, that I just made up from those influences.
      Adjust your sizes and portions according to how many you are cooking for. In my case it was just for my wife and I. Ended up with at least another meal or two of leftovers. Before I give you the ingredient list and technique let me say it’s easy but not super quick. It doesn’t take a ton of time but a little prep ahead is helpful. You have to soak the chicken ( a few hours is best).


The vegetable mix/boil can easily be done ahead and soak( actually the best ) as it will simmer with the chicken later. None of this is hard to do or requires Culinary Genius!  Just enjoy having fun with it but know it doesn’t take five minutes. I’m going to give you the ingredient list and then the put together ( stages of cooking and building the dish). Again, don’t be scared off. It’s easy and less than an hour actual active time. Closer to 30 minutes!  Also I Often use fresh ingredients but I want you to know you can do with canned or frozen. Fighters and startups are on a budget when they get going. And young families. You can look and taste fancy for not much!  Also, I used Frontera wine which is not expensive. It was great for the soak plus I drank a couple of glasses while prepping. Quite a good malbec for not very much. No matter where I go or what I drink, a good inexpensive wine or beer is my zone!!!!  This is pretty dang good.
    2 boneless chicken breast
     1 cup quinoa
      1 can chick peas
      1 can black olives
       Chopped mushrooms ( small can or= AMT fresh)
       1 green pepper ( sliced into small pieces)
      Garlic powder
       Turmeric powder
        Sriracha or Peri Peri ( personal choice,don’t need either)
          1 cup of malbec or another red wine ( malbec or Merlot best )
     Chopped cabbage or spinach

            Put your chicken in a bag. Mix wine and your hot sauce if used and toss into the bag. Shake garlic and turmeric in the bag. Close and shake. Put it back in the fridge until cooking time. If you have time prep your vegetables now asvthey will be better if they soak.
     Put all the vegetables/chick peas etc  in a sauce pot. Bring to a rolling boil.  Cool and refrigerate to soak. All afternoon for both these things ( chicken/veg boil) to soak is best.
     Now you’re ready for the final assault!  Cut the chicken into small pieces and toss in to saute, almost stir fry. Nice solid brown color. When your there, put the liquid from the soak in. Add the veg mix and bring to a boil. Shut off immediately and cover. Just let it ride that way while you cook the quinoa. That takes a little over 15 minutes, which allows the chicken and vegetables to flavor each other.
     When it’s ready, place your chopped cabbage or spinach as a bed on the plate. Cover with quinoa and then ladle the chicken/chick pea mix over it. You can toss a little blue cheese or feta on it. Drink some wine and enjoy. Take a look at the pics and we’ll talk after that.








It’s a great tasting, visually appealing and healthy dish. You look like a chef but it doesn’t take any special skill. Give it a shot and by all means put your own spin on it. If you want to have an inexpensive link on this page or be featured, contact us. And of course private coaching/seminars/motivational speaking and fight camps will always be available. Plus we love to rep  and promote your brand through social media. Email tompkinscontent@gmail.com today. Also follow @combatsportlife &  @tompkinscontent on twitter as well as @combatsportslifestyle on IG.
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2 thoughts on “Easy Mediterranean Dish w/ Quinoa And Chicken ( and malbec)

    mylifeasishan said:
    April 27, 2016 at 9:04 pm

    Great post

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      Bob Tompkins responded:
      April 28, 2016 at 1:10 am

      Thank you! I enjoy trying to experiment but keep things simple.


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