Pick Yourself Up Off The Ring Floor and Finish ( in fighting/life/business)

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   As a fighter we would talk about beating the count or riding the clock out of trouble. It happens no matter how awesome you are in the ring or cage. You’re going to be in that position. It will happen in business at some point, no matter how smart you are or how great your product is. It will happen in life no matter how hot you are or how much money you have. The way out is the same. I’m going to tell you a short, embarrassing story from my fight career to make my point.


  A life time ago I was fighting in an absolute tournament, open weight in other words. It was part of a GP series heading into a national cup. Part of the long defunct LFF it was different than normal. No weight class (absolute) and a mix of styles. No ground but standard rules for sweeps. We usually had a Muay Thai or kickboxing format in these pro series fights but this brought all kinds in. From brawlers to guys who looked like WWE people.  In the semi round I came up against a Tongan guy (Manny something lol). Well over 6ft and mid 200#  I was taller then, maybe 5’9 as I’ve lost about 2 inches of my neck from damage now. I was also only about 138# then lol. I decided to get the crowd pumped right off by going back to my karate roots and throwing a flying side kick out of the box. Not a normal technique for kick boxing, and I thought it would look awesome !!!  Plus executed well to the head it might set the tone or end the fight early. Sooooo, I basically misjudged where I was and missed. Classic airball miss. As I came out of the air his giant hand clocked me right in the face and took me to the canvas. My cockiness and lack of of distance judgement had just put me flat on my back. In pain, embarrassed and likely being laughed at ( couldn’t tell you because my ears were ringing) I could have easily been done. Somehow I managed to beat the count and get to my feet. I think I spent the rest of the round running from him. The next rounds I cut angles and basically side  kicked his leg until he couldn’t go on( chopping the tree ). Again not standard Muay Thai but it’s what I had available, and it kept me away from those giant paws!!!




So what’s my point here overall? Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Yes it hurt. Yes I was embarrassed. Yes I could have still lost. You know what would have been worse?  Giving up. Laying there when I had a choice. Try!!!!!  Don’t stop trying. I don’t care if it’s an issue in your marriage, or a hiccup in your social media marketing plan. Don’t stop trying. Change your tactics. Change how you do it. Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give up on winning. Don’t give up on success.


  If you need personal coaching or motivation for yourself/employees contact me. From seminars to Motivational speaking I love to help people. Also social ads and marketing on multiple channels. Email tompkinscontent@gmail.com today. Also follow @combatsportlife & @tompkinscontent on Twitter.

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