Adjust Your Attitude And Set Sail For Success

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This will truly be one of the  shortest blog posts I ever write. Similar to when I give a quick pump speech to my fighters or marketing employees. Very short, but very important! In their case if they don’t  listen it means getting pushed around the ring ( or not working for the company for the non fighters lol). Pay attention!!!


    You control your attitude for the most part. Yes people do things that effect you, but you choose to stay in the state you are in. Deciding to stay angry, negative or have no passion for what you do is a choice. Unsuccessful people view it as bad things happen. Successful people view it as a choice and make the appropriate cha






So in this super short post, understand that you can make a difference. Understand that you can be successful. Change your attitude. Don’t let jerks hold you hostage. I’ve been there. I did it. I should not have! 


Find your motivation. Decide what you want in life. Head that way. Is it easy? Nope!!!  Can you do it ? Oh yeah!!!!!!! If you need personal coaching or help with your marketing/vision/promotion then email and also follow twitter for @combatsportlife & @tompkinscontent


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