A Quick Taste and Thoughts on Frontera Malbec. ( yes inexpensive!!!)

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All day, every day if I can find something that is inexpensive and awesome, I’m going there!  No matter how successful I’ve become. No matter all the places I’ve traveled and been able to enjoy the world’s best.  In the end I’m a guy who grew up without much and with the work ethic of a rural Midwestern guy.  Finding something any budget can enjoy is a pleasure for me. I feel like it’s part of my job to do things like this( and punch and kick lol).


Let me first say that I am a huge malbec fan!  Let me also say that I’m a bit more of a beer and whiskey guy. Still, I travel often. My wife runs a huge department in a major hospital and we go to many functions with incredible wines and wine knowledgeable people. We both though this was quite good. Seriously quite good! 
   Nice level of fruit. Very clean. No aftertaste. None. I like big bold things. This isn’t quite there but very good. She thought so as well. Not sure if I mentioned we travel, and have recently dined at places like nobu and various Mario Battali restaurants. In other words, we drink well!  This was pretty good. Disclaimer ( I drank a cheap domestic beer yesterday!!!)





My wife and i both enjoyed this. Great for having a glass while we discussed our days and cooked. From the subjects of training ( yes she is also a black belt under me) to health care ( her expertise) and marketing. A couple of glasses while building our martial arts/ PR/social media marketing empire was a great experience. Better yet we bout the big bottle at Sam’s Club for less $7 amounting to less than $3.5 per bottle. Yep. That’s real! 
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