Why Wait? The Perfect time Does Not Exist!

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    I’m going to make this a very short Motivational Monday post. Quit waiting. Quit waiting. There is no perfect time to start. There is no perfect reason to start.  Whatever your dream or goal is, the time is today. The reason is because you want to!



Do you want to train in martial arts? Quit waiting. There is a way for you to do it. Trust me. There is a way! Don’t believe me, you are more than welcome to message/email me and I will personally talk to you about it!  You want to get fit? Same thing. I talk to so many people who like to talk about my fighting career and say they always wanted to do martial arts, it just never happened. Same thing with fitness, couple that are friends of ours always talk about the shape we are in at our age.  “We’d love to work out but…..”  Blah blah, whatever reason. Start!  Start today. Email me an we will talk.



It’s the same with building a business. You can talk forever but nothing will happen until you take action. Take the starter step today. Even if you don’t have a clue, talking to an expert about it is the first step. Take the first step. Reach out today. Take the Step. Already in motion but not sure how to progress? Talk to somebody. Take that action today. Right now. Need help in marketing, PR or social ads? Reach out. Love to help you. Start that conversation today and see where you can go. You have to make that first move though. Thinking about traveling? Love it. Travel all the time. Luxe and budget. Let’s talk. I have loads of connections.
     If you need personal coaching and training, you’ve entered my world. Need ideas for marketing or promotion for your brand/product? Transcend Digital Media can help with that as well. Whether you need training or thoughts for the ring or help from our digital company, reach out today. Do it, and if you just need somebody to say let’s go then email me. Emailing me is free. Let’s get a conversation started.
       Email tompkinscontent@gmail.com today and follow @combatsportlife and @tompkinscontent on twitter


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