Random Walk Pictorial Branson Mo! ( next in the series)

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Let me just say that I and my family love Branson. I know that as a guy who does reviews of places like Wynn in Vegas that it doesn’t seem right. It is. I’ve been going there since my oldest child was a toddler. Actually before that. When I was young in the mid 70s we were through there staying at other places in the Ozarks. I will be doing multiple pieces on this place and showing the entire area over time. These pictures are actually of a very small part and taken while we were there for a dance event with our daughter. Yes my daughter who was a 2time national champ in sport karate also won numerous national titles in dance. Today she teaches and choreographs as well as goes to college. Enjoy this area and short piece and whet your appetite for an informative budget travel series coming soon.


The very cool and historic Scenic railroad. Shot from the walkway along the Hilton and  Branson Convention center.  The railroad and tourist part of that scene have been there long before Branson Landing and The Hilton there were built. The area and train are old. The hotel and mall are new. Perfect mix. Most of the next pictures are from this area as the convention center was where we were for dance. I’ll explain a bit about the area at the end. Very different than when we started going there regularly  in the early 90s.

Hilton promenade as part of the mall along the water. The hilton tower is across the street. Stayed there and pic is shot from there
From the Hilton Tower looking on to Branson landing and Taneycomo. Neat mall alonng the lake


In the Beautiful convention center. Great views and bars&restaurants inside!
Using my wife as model along the cool walk above the fountains at the landing. They are cool and have an awesome patriotic light show at night!
Inside the Great Black Oak Grill in the Landing. Love this place. Great food. Beautiful views. My daughter in blue top and one of her dance friends
During a late night cocktail stroll aling the water. A couple of cool bars with great torch lighting. Country mountain environment with an eye to design. Love it
On the strip, but had to throw this in there for future pictorial
A ways off on Table Rock but wanted you to see it. Rented a boat with friends. Another article but this is why i love this place. Shopping. Food. Country. Class. Outdoor
So near the Hilton is actually a historic neighborhood. Hotel and mall new, other things old. My daughter is a history major. A midnight stroll talking to ghosts of the past lol
This area is actually built in the oldest part of town. The hotel and mall are new but some of the neates old hillbilly shops and restaurants are right there. Truly a can't miss. Especially if you like gravy! I know as a trainer that's bad lol. Don't care, that's why we work out

So this area of Branson Missouri is a mix. It’s both the oldest part of town and the area that the newest
And most modern hotels and restaurants have come. Still you can walk a block away and feel like you are a century back.  Did I mention I love  Branson?  I travel the world and spend tons of time on places like Manhattan but I love Branson and Gatlinburg. Truly where I want to be!!!!!  If you are a merchant in this area, contact us. I would rather promo your tiny motel than the big boys. Let’s go!!!!!!
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