Stop Talking About Your Goals And Start Actually Working On Them !

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It’s as simple as the title. Yes in the both the business and fight world you have to study and plan, but you can’t stay in the stage forever. It is the most common thing I see that holds people back. They are always talking about the one thing that needs to happen or be done before they can actually move toward their goals. The longer they talk and plan, the bigger the obstacle they create. And it sometimes becomes something they do on purpose. Fear of actually trying, fear of having to accept failure. It’s often what ensures failure.


As a trainer as well as when I was fighting and had lots of conversations about fighting, I see it often. I’ll start training a little harder when things get closer. Ill worry about becoming precise when I get a contact signed with somebody. When they want to pay me well, I’ll work hard. Doesn’t work that way!!!  You’ve got to want it. You’ve got to sweat and bleed for nothing to get what you want. It starts there.  This is true in martial arts and fitness, even without thinking about being a pro.
     I can tell you how often people call me over and over to tell me they are coming in soon to get started training. They want to get in shape. They want to be a black belt. Same on the street. I run in to people I know, or often people who just know who I am. They are going to come in and get started. They can’t wait. They are ready to be a national champion!  As it turns out they just want to talk about it lol. They want to say they are going to get into doing it because I guess that seems cool. You know what’s cooler? Doing it!  Just starting!  Coolest thing ever!!!!!



It’s the same in business. When I was running a trading desk in capital markets and even more now. Whether it’s people thinking about launching a company that will need a marketing plan but not really ready to start a company yet or the guy who want a social media marketing empire. It’s the same. They want to talk about it. I think it’s the feeling of talking to someone who is actually doing it makes it feel like you are. It’s true in part, and its how you start. A great conversation starts many great journeys. I love talking to people and helping them get started, but there has to be more.  They have to actually take the Step !  You can’t build a large social media business without constantly doing two things. Putting content out there and making more contacts. You have to. Talking about what you would write or produce doest get you to your goals.




  It starts with a dream and talking about it, but don’t let it end there. Don’t be the person who is afraid to actually try. Be the person who takes the Step and makes things happen. It can be a big, bold and adventurous life if you actually make the move. It starts there!


If you need help building your business or getting noticed, contact from small campaigns to large or even inexpensive consultations we love to help. Let our broadbased experience make things happen for you. If you are looking for training in martial arts or motivation for your staff in the fitness and lifestyle area  we’d be happy to help as well.  You can also follow me on @combatsportlife and @tompkinscontent on twitter.


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