A Simple,Easy and Gorgeous Chicken Dish (with wine and black bean!)

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One of the things that a lifetime of training in martial arts has given me is the opportunity to see different ways of cooking simple things.  Through studying various cultures I get to see how to make great dishes with products that aren’t always ridiculously expensive. Twenty years on Wall Street let me see lots of great cuisine, martial arts let me in the kitchen to see how to really do it, and not expensively.
     Let me say that while some places I eat or places I shop are very expensive, most of the dishes I post are expensive to cook. Also, no matter what and after all the success of various endeavors, I have no need of spending way too much. It’s how I got here. Walmart and Aldi products work fantastically here if you need. Make great and adventurous dishes with what you have. It’s where all great cuisine comes from.


This one is easy and can be changed up to your own taste. Quick and easy to do if your busy training to win your next Muay Thai battle or building your social media marketing empire!  Been busy doing both in my life and dishes like this were a lifesaver.
    The interchangeable ingredient list. You can change the spices and liquid according to your taste and budget! Yeah I know that’s not very snobby gourmet but whatever lol.
  2lbs boneless chicken breast
   Red wine
   Diet cran mango drink (any brand, heck generic)
   Fresh ground black pepper
   Garlic powder
   Tony Chachere creole seasoning (optional)
    1 can sweet corn drained
     1can black bean drained
   2 tbl spoons steak sauce ( A1 to generic, does not matter!)
      Sliced Gouda cheese

  Put the thawed chicken breast in a casserole dish. Or enough red wine in to almost cover the breast. Did on garlic powder, black pepper and creole seasoning to coat. The amount is up to you but is best if the top of the breast is totally coated and then some put into the liquid as well. Toss the steak sauce and a a few cap fulls of the cran mango drink into the the liquid mix. Cover and let refrigerate for at least an hour(over night is best).
    When your ready to cook, add the black bean and corn to the dish. Cook for 40 minutes at 400. Your time may vary as this was the time with my Samsung range set on convection. After it has cooked, take the chicken out of the mix. Cut the breast into small pieces. Then mix it back into the dish. Tossing and covering everything in the gravy/ corn and bean mixture. Yes the liquid will turn to an almost gravy consistency sauce.  Cover the whole thing with slices of Gouda. Shut the heatvoff but put back in the oven to let melt and mix simmer. About ten minutes. Take it out and you have perfection!



Just enjoy. Easy,simple yet elegant. Use what you have and can afford to make adventurous meals. It’s something I truly believe in. Hit these websites for ideas and to understand what I mean.
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