Pics And Motivational Thoughts For The Day.

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As I looked through random shots that I always take going through each day, some thoughts popped into my head.  The pictures include having a relaxing cocktail while I made a nice stir fry for dinner and my dog trying to help my wife get a fire started in the fireplace while I cooked. Also some pictures from later after my son called me and needed me to go to his horse stable to change the line heaters that were running. I live close to the place and he does not. When its late and cold or in certain circumstances he calls me to go play Jr cowboy. I love doing it. It both let’s me do work and relax like I’m doing something from the 1800’s and help my child. Sometimes my wife goes with me, sometimes I go alone. So how is this motivational?  Because over and over I talk about an active an adventurous life.
     Sometimes the simple and normal are what become adventure. Most folks don’t think about Midwestern life being adventurous. Get it can be. People watch cowboy movies and think about both the simple life and adventure. That’s life here with horses and livestock and farming. Working hard  and training to be a fighter. Training fighters. Running a a global marketing business from the middle of nowhere!  Figuring out flights for fights and meeting clients from tiny airports. Guess what? I love it. Heck just getting to the store and gas station midwinter around here can be an adventure.  Adventure is good!
So my thought and motivation for the day: whatever you do and wherever you are, make today an adventure. Make tomorrow an adventure.  You can find it wherever you are. Make your life an Adventure and make things happen for yourself. More than anything though, enjoy what you have and what you are. It’s truly the same though process, and will make your  life so much more. The simple pleasures become the fruit of adventure. Enjoy them. Enjoy your life. It’s the only one you have







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