The Championship Mentality To Focus (Training for A Fight or Chasing Business)

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    People hit hard times. You might have family issues. Maybe it’s money or health. It happens to us all but when it does it often becomes a distraction. We lose focus on the task at hand. You begin to think you can’t do what you need to do. This is when you have to think like a champion. This is when it becomes most important. I’m going to keep this short. Motivation for three areas and why its important. Guess what, I’m  just going to use my own experience for them as well. Like I said we’ve all been there!


      When I was still fighting professionally  I also had a fledgling business. It was an absolute shoestring company at the time. Always short of cash and long on work. With a young family at the time it was hard to focus on it all. I felt like I needed to be in too many places. It began to make me feel bad for taking time to train. When that happens it becomes hard to train and put your all into it. I had to put my mind into championship mode. When I stepped in to train I had to know that it was making things better. That training time brought in cash from a fight. That cash helped ease things and let me focus on what I needed to do for my business when I was at work. When I hit the training room I knew it was just time at the office. Focus on that task and that is what makes things happen. The task in front of me is first!  Champions focus on the task! This was long ago but I’ve dealt with it with my fighters in recent years. Marital issues, kid problems and money. My own experience helped me help them. On the mat, let it go. Focus on here will help there. Doing neither helps neither.


        In business it is the same. Those distractions make you feel like you can’t promote. You can’t go out and prospect. How can you take time away from the office to search for business? You need to be there!  Nope. If you don’t do it your business won’t be there. Set your mind to champion mode and go through the steps. Just like every time. You approach it like you have to. You approach it to save your business. Everyday!  Your business counts on it. Successful businesses push like its their last dollar every day. If you don’t it will be!  I can remember more than once in my business history where things were bleak and it made me not want to prospect. It made me not want to work on projects that could end up in the can. With my trading firm it made me feel like I wouldn’t be at the desk or make me feel like I couldn’t be away from the desk to do administration tasks. All of these ideas will hurt you. They take you away from what you need to do. Champions focus on the task at hand. Push through the muck and distraction knowing that is how you reach your goal.


     It also happens with fitness and conditioning. Issues at home or financial trouble makes you not want to work out. You don’t feel like you should. Let me make this short and clear, YOU DO!  As your health slips, your performance slips. If you feel bad you perform poorly. If you feel good about yourself and physical gains, you will be more confident. Confidence both helps you want to get things done, and sell. Confidence sells you to others. Don’t give up on your body because your brain is playing tricks on you. Put the time in to feel right. Put your mind in championship mode and get to work!


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