Adventurous Cooking And Eating Helps Training (Easy Meal With Nando’s Peri Peri)

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   I’ve talked about this before, but it is important. Making cooking more adventurous or an event, helps make it less about eating massive amounts trying different things, enjoying putting it together is all part of the process. It’s something I learned during my fight career and still do today. It’s part of a full life. Below are pictures and my version of a recipe that my wife and I cooked last night.


      The materials list :  chicken breast ( however many you need for your crowd). I used four small ones so that there would be leftovers!  Cous cous ( or rice) but I like cous cous as something different, plus its quick! A can of black beans. Nando’s Peri Peri sauce. You can get from mild to extra hot. I used the hot variety here. It’s an African sauce and so full of flavor. Not just hot and tasteless.


    This dish can be done in the oven but its best grilled ( the way it was first done!). While I get the coals going for the grill my wife and I get the other things together and started. We also have a glass of wine or cocktail and talk about our respective days. Part of the whole make it an experience thing.



You can just put the sauce on the chicken afterward or during cooking, but letting it soak is best. In this case, since my wife doesn’t like things quite as spicy as I do I made a diluted marinade. A bit of the sauce, some red wine and a dash of water. Put in a bag, shake and let soak. Then I could put as much of the sauce on as I wanted on my meal, and she could get the great flavor without as much spicy heat.
           Once the coals are ready, I char the chicken quickly. Nice chat marks and seal the juice inside. The I move it off the the heat a bit, close the lid and let it finish cooking. In this case it was on the grill a little over twenty minutes and perfect!  Your times will vary according to heat.

          Sandy(my wife) did the cous cous and watched the black bean I started while the chicken finished you can get cous cous in many varieties and most of it takes about seven minutes!  For the black bean I wanted to rapidly bring it tonight heat so that it pastes up a bit. Then let simmer until we are ready. Your tastes may differ, but this way it makes a great bed for the chicken, and tends to make a smaller portion feel more filling.


When everything is ready, I slice the grilled chicken. Place it on the bed of black bean and plate the cous cous. Gorgeous and delicious. I of course added more Nando’s Peri Peri sauce to my plate!  Love that stuff. Wife loves it to, just not as much heat.

     Give some things like this a try and see how your health, training and food ideas change. Worst case, you have a great time doing it!


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