Month: October 2015

Drilling for Precision Under Pressure (Exhaustion)

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Besides teaching class and training fighters, I keep a personal training routine every day. It’s how at my age I can still get in the ring with these guys. Plus it keeps me active, in shape and I love it. One thing I always do(and push my fighters with in training ) is drilling precision at the end after I’m exhausted. Not that you don’t always work to be precise, but forcing yourself to think and target at that time is harder. Its a great help in the late stages of a fight.

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After I’ve worked the heavy bag, pads and long live rounds of footwork this is where I go. I switch to my lighter wave master bag. First I slow down a bit but constantly striking.¬† If I miss the mark or my form hinks up, I add reps. The mental and physical fatigue make this hard(mental because your starving for air, more on this in another article).¬† That is why its important. The same thing happens in a fight. You are tired at the end. You are fatigued. This is when precise striking helps when. It always helps win, but if you can keep your head and not lose your technique, it gives you a great edge at the end.

Even if you don’t fight, try adding this to your training routine. The clarity of mind, and crispness of technique you gain will amaze you. It’s also a great add for the fitness portion. Always pushing. Always gaining. In another article I will discuss this further as well as a couple of coaching tricks I use with students and fighters that help in this area.

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