Quick and Easy Yet Healthy Dish (from my fighting career but I still make it often)

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   When I was in constant hard training in my career or in camp for a fight, nutrition was greatly important. Proper energy yet weight management in mind.  Of course tasting good was important to me, very important. Today I still pay attention to these things because as a trainer I’m still very active in the ring. Yes I eat many things but the good habits I picked up have stayed with me to this day.


This is a simple and flavorful dish that takes minutes to prepare. You can make it with similar items, but I always have these in my garden so this is common. The meats just needs to be a relatively lean red. Cooking time is up to you depending on your liking. For me its always medium rare( more flavor, requiring less seasoning). The amounts depend on how many people. In this case my wife and I so here is that order.


One piece lean red meat (cheap cut is just fine) .71lb was more than enough for us with leftover meat
Two green bell peppers.
10 to 15 cherry tomatoes.
Small head of cabbage ( lettuce etc but cabbage gives it a pop, fuller quicker!)


      I often  grill the meat (sometimes the vegetables) but also use the oven. In this case I just set my Samsung range on convection for 7 minutes at 375. Again you can adjust your time accordingly. While it cooks I quickly halve the tomatoes. Then I slice the peppers in long pieces. You can dice, chop etc but I like the longer pieces. Especially when I’m not cooking them. It adds big flavor in a bite that way and usually makes my wife and I feel fuller faster. A mind game maybe but it works. Then I chop up the cabbage. I leave a little wider and looser, but mostly chopped small. You can see how I cut things in the various pictures throughout the article.  Finally, slice the meat in thin strips and structure your plate or bowl as you like( I love my wusthof knives!!!).  And here is the dish


It’s simple and only takes minutes to prepare. Flavorful, healthy and natural. It also makes an attractive dish. As I’ve mentioned in other articles, making dinner an experience helps keep it from being about mass calorie intake. Enjoy.


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