Three Ways To Start Getting Fit For Free or Cheap (and make it interesting)

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   When you are trying to get started moving towards health and fitness two things that we don’t like to admit can get in the way. First is being motivated to do so. We just don’t see why we should. Second is for many it just isn’t interesting. Because of my fighting background, I learned to love and enjoy conditioning, but it wasn’t always that way! Here are three ideas to make it different and simple to get started.
    #1 An Unusual or Historic Walk: I’m not big on walking without a purpose. My wife likes the whole fitness walk thing. I’ve usually put in three training sessions by the time she wants to go so it doesn’t Interest me. A way I found that helps is  to find somewhere nearby. A historic neighborhood. Downtown with interesting buldings. The woods or something. Give yourself something to look at it and learn and you’ll go further. You’ll enjoy it. This is a great one if you’re just trying to start exercising.

    #2 Introductory Classes  :  In most areas, clubs and schools offer very inexpensive starting classes to see if you like something or get a taste. Yoga, martial arts and more. It’s a way to learn and just get moving. Maybe you find something you love. Maybe not, but you got moving a little and made a start for tiny little bit of money. Now just keep moving.

   #3 cleaning your home or landscaping. Yes it sounds silly, but it is something you have to do anyway. Some of you might enjoy these things anyway. Here is a way to help make it something that pushes you toward fitness. When you have to bend down to get something, do an extra up down. When you have to walk to get a tool, make the path just a little long. Standing in place painting or dusting? Raise up on your toes and stretch your calves and back down a few times. I know this sounds silly but its the little things that get you started. It’s what makes you move and maybe gives you a little feeling of having started something new. Sometimes that’s the motivation to do more.

   Just take the first little step,then don’t look back. If you need a few more ideas or help please contact me. We also do group, motivation and plans as an offshoot of what I do in fight training camps. Push yourself and your company.
    We also do content for your site,blog or social media. Contact at ,tompkinscontent@gmail or @combatsportlife and @tompkinscontent on twitter


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